MusicXML import issue: slur and barline-group

• Jan 9, 2014 - 00:43
S4 - Minor

Report from Primus developer regarding MusicXML import into MuseScore.

Original score in Primus: image.png
MusicXML exported from Primus: Rosseau_Suite Concertante Satz 1

The MusicXML import into MuseScore (nightly) indicates two problems:
- slur not correct
- barline-goups not imported


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Issues confirmed.

Barline-group issue caused by part-group numbers 100..104. MuseScore (incorrectly) expects part-group numbers to be small integers. This is easy to fix, will do.

Slur issue not understood yet, MusicXML exported by Primus seems correct (certainly for the first measure in the viola part). MuseScore does report a number of null anchor slur issues, something is definitely wrong. Will investigate.

Further analysis: the attached file does not contain bar line groups (which are indicated by the group-barline element in MusicXML). Instead, each part group has both a bracket (OK) and a line symbol (which is probably not what is intended).

MuseScores import behavior was to interpret a missing group-barline as meaning "no bar lines" in a part group. Our commercial competitors interpret this as "(yes) bar lines". I have changed MuseScores default to be the same as the competitions, which also adds bar lines to the attached file.