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• Jan 12, 2014 - 13:33
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I would like to change the rhythm of the notes in a measure without having to click the mouse many many times. I can think of several different flows for this but I'll suggest one here.

1. user selects a measure
2. user actives the menu item copy-rhythm
3. user clicks in a new measure
4. user presses paste (cmd-v on the mac).

There is the issue of what to do if the destination measure does not have the same number of notes as the initial measure. I can think of several ways the user might want to handle this. a) delete extra notes from the destination measure if there are more notes there, b) add rests to the destination measure if there are too few notes there, c) borrow the notes from the next measure if there are too few notes there thus shifting the rest of the piece back a few notes, d) only allow the paste if there the correct number of notes are in the measure.

Example. If a measure has 4 quarter notes, I'd like to change this to 1/8, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2.
or I might want to change it to a quarter note triplet followed by a dotted half note.
To do this, i'd simply need to construct a new measure with the desired rhythm, copy that rhythm, and past it into the desired measure.

This would be useful in many situations. For example it is common that certain rhythm patterns appear many times in the same score.

Another use of this would be to allow the user to enter the values of the notes first, and the rhythm later.


2.0 will have a re-pitch mode which might help you here? Check out a current nightly build.
However, you should better be discussing this in the forum first, before getting it into the issue tracker

This could probably be done in a plug-in fairly easily. Copy the ticks from the chords with the rhythms you want, then copy them into the chords you want to change.

If the length underflows I would suggest either extending the last note or inserting rests. If it overflows them simply truncate the final note/s.

Might have a go later on.

Title would like to re-write the rhythm of a measure without having to re-enter the notes. Possible plugin solution

I don't know if this will provide what is required. I'm sure it will not suit every case. It crudely takes the tick lengths of the copy-from selection and overwites them onto the paste-to selection.

It takes no account of whether you are copying to/from rests or chords or where in the bar it begins.

It also only works for voice 1 (blue cursor).

Essentially, it is very crude.

It consists of two plugins: Copy Rhythm and Paste Rhythm.

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Hi cwhysall, how can I install these plugins? Should I just drop the .js files into the /Applications/
directory on the mac?

That is correct. If you are using a nightly build though, I assume .js plugins are still supported. I don't know if they will when the switch to qml is made.

Hi Jojo, does this mean that the copy-paste-rhythm plugins which cwhysall implemented are not useable?

Is it the plugin developer, or the plugin user's responsibility to convert .js to .qml?


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Hi, I'm very looking forward to the copypaste only rhythm plugin, but I have 2.3.2 and only working plugins are qml, and not js. Do you have any other workaround? Or is there a way to convert js into qml?
Thanks, I hope you will reply,

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Hey, any progress on this now with Musescore 4?