[Gonville] Missing Glyphs

• Feb 21, 2014 - 15:57
S4 - Minor

List of missing glyphs in Gonville to make it usable

- augmentationDot


restWholeLegerLine and restHalfLegerLine are missing too now.
Emmentaler and Bravura are now using SMuFL 0.85. There could be some changes to be done in Gonville.

Ok. Thanks for info. I now about bugs in displaying arrows. MuseScore used single or double repeat dot(s) - UE042 or UE043? And the trill line - which glyph is used in MuseScore?

MuseScore uses repeatDot for barlines, so the single one. No harm in including repeatDots too, it could be useful for other apps.

Regarding the arpeggio, Musescore uses wiggleArpeggiatoUp, wiggleArpeggiatoUpArrow, wiggleArpeggiatoDownArrow for the 3 wiggle lines. And it uses arrowheadBlackUp and arrowheadBlackDown for the straight arpeggio lines with arrows. In this last case, the line is drawn by MuseScore.

Regarding horizontal trill lines, there are a number of symbols used:

  • ornamentTrill
  • wiggleTrill
  • ornamentBottomLeftConcaveStroke
  • ornamentZigZagLineNoRightEnd
  • ornamentZigZagLineWithRightEnd
  • ornamentUpPrall
  • ornamentLeftVerticalStroke
  • ornamentDownPrall

libmscore/sym.cpp contains ALL the symbols defined by SMuFL. MuseScore doesn't use all of them, but just a small fraction, except if the user explicitely use a symbol of course.

I think that a few symbols are too small in Gonville font: codas and pedal marks. And alt. tab clef is missing, but I don't know which glyph is supported by this symbol in MuseScore. Someone wants to add something?

Ok, I see.
So - a new name... My propositions:
1. Suite
2. Score
3. Gootector :D
4. Sinfonia
5. Scherzo
6. Partita (Partitura is reserved for my other font)