Provide "bookmark" facility for ease of navigation through long scores.

• Mar 17, 2014 - 09:29
S5 - Suggestion

A bookmark facility has been requested numerous times since 2011. But it seems it has never made it into an official feature request in the issue tracker.

Probably the most comprehensive discussion is here:

The most recent is here:


I think there could be 2 ways of adding the edit points:

1: Manually, via context menu; possibly also via the breaks and spacer palette.

2: With a dedicated text element which looks like a rehearsal mark but is called "Section mark". A, B, C, Intro and so on would then not allow duplicates; A', B', C' should be possible.

The best way to jump to a bookmark might be with the CTRL + F shortcut suggested in the forums. However, there also should be a way which is easier to discover, like this:


If no section marks are set, show a hint that some can be created (if document.length > 3 pages). Ok, dreaming a bit...

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How about, creating them at each mouvement (when needed as concerto or symphony) , and at each rehearsal marks .... as Automatically (or automatically asked) ?

What do you think of it ...?

(am I right yo write here, or should I have written on a dedicated forum post ?)

In order to get the discussion rolling, I quickly implemented search for Rehearsal marks in d6ef079639

Ctrl + F and number will jump to the measure number
Ctrl + F and pX with X a number will jump to the page
Ctrl + F and a text will jump to the first rehearsal mark containing the text.

Excellent! in that case however, how do i go to the movement 2? I'd have to call the corresponding rehearsal mark "movement 2" and not simply 2, which is fine, but i have to know it.
Eager to try it out :) Thanks, Lasconic

Generally when numbered rehearsal mark are use they are circled, or "framed" visible as to see them differently as mesure number....
I often see letter to avoid the misunderstanding....

The only thing we have to watch out for here is conductors who specify Rehearsal marks as bar numbers.

We have recently come across this is the forums, although I can't now find the article :(

Maybe add a letter code as in page search?

If you have a rehearsal mark "65" in measure 65, no harm done, the search will find it.
If you have a rehearsal mark "5" in measure 65, the first search will go to measure 5, but the next "Ctrl-F" jumps to the rehearsal mark (as I just found out)

I foud the section breack, but not how to name them :'(
And also not "advance to next section breack" (but I don't know if it is implemented yet ...)

What about also : "go to previous" section breck ?

and what about a research from the "album" ?
(I don't really know how to use it yet .... so many things have changed .... that's really good ! )

It is just suggestions though , and sorry for my english ....

Right, I was suggesting this as a further enhancement. And there is no naming of section breaks, which is why I suggested simply having a "jump to *next* section break" rather than trying to come up with a way of jumping to a specific section break, which would indeed also need a way of naming them or otherwise specifying which to jump to. Maybe "s4" to jump to the fourth section, which is actually the third section break (and that's why I didn't suggest this in the first place - seems to invite confusion).

Coming to this very late. What I think would be helpful is automatic bookmark generation in PDF printouts; automatic breakpoints may include the measure after a section break, rehearsal marks, and so on. As in-shop navigation via CTRL+F has been robust, this feature request has never took off in the years, but I think bookmarks in printouts is a feature that worths implementation.