Layout: "Shrink" function

• Sep 21, 2017 - 09:12
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La fonction "Rétrécir" ne fonctionne pas avec la touche "{" du clavier
Il faut utiliser "Mise en page" + rétrécir autant de fois que l'on en a besoin
Ce qui est fastidieux


Title Mise en page: fonction "Rétrécir" Layout: "Shrink" function
Status (old) active needs info
Status active needs info

Google translate:
The "Shrink" function does not work with the "{" key on the keyboard
You have to use "Layout" + shrink as many times as you need it
What is tedious

So the { shortcut doesn't work for you? Is it set up? What OS, which version of MuseScore, what keyboard and language setting?

Ditto here. It' s a known problem with AZERTY French keyboard.
The only way to solve that is to define another shortcut in Edit -> Preferences -> Shortcuts.
Eg here I choosen the "-" key on numeric keyboard. And it works perfectly.

By the way, preferable first to post on the French forum, here: