synthersizer instellingen in de Score Manager

• Dec 18, 2017 - 16:06

Beste mensen,
Ik heb veel muziek stukjes in de Musescore Score Manager staan. Wat mij altijd opvalt is dat al de stukjes die ik geüpload heb en in de Score Manager afspeel Verschrikkelijk slecht klinken. Vooral strijkers klinken met veel vibrato en en de ander instrumenten klinken voor mij nog al onnatuurlijk.

Ik gebruik voor het afspelen in Musescore, de bestanden die ik op mijn harde schijf heb staan het synthesizer Sound programma TimGM6mg.sf2. Het sound programma FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3 gebruik ik niet omdat mijn muziek daar ook beroerd wordt weer gegeven.

Ik weet dat de Fluid sythesizer instel mogelijk heden heeft het is mij alleen nooit gelukt daar een aanvaardbaar geluid van een Traverso en Viola da Gamba partij voor te maken.

De Score manager heeft helemaal geen instel mogelijkheden voor de synthesizer.

Weet iemand een mogelijkheid om mijn bestanden in de Score Manager met een aanvaardbaar geluid af te spelen. Het liefst met de TomGM6mg.sf2 synthesizer.

Ik gebruik het besturing programma Ubunti 17.10

Vriendelijke groet


If you don't like the sound of a given instrument in a given soundfont, you are welcoem to do web searches to try to find soundfonts you will like better. The one you have selected is probably the least realistic of any soundfont, because was created to be small, not to be realistic. Pretty much anything would be an improvement. So experiment until you find which one you like best!

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Dear Marc, first of all, my excuse that I asked my question in Dutch and therefore may not have been completely clear to you. You ask me what is the Musescore Score Manager. When I go to my Scores in Musescore I get an overview of everything that I upload. You call that overview your Score manager. For the sake of clarity, I put Musescore in there to make it clear that I am not looking elsewhere. But apparently I have not been clear enough, sorry.
My question is not clear to you, I understand from your answer. My question is: Can the synthesizer used in the Score Manager also be replaced by Tim, for example ... and can I change that myself?


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Dear Mike, I use Ubuntu 17.10 and Muesescore 2.1 The 2.2 has not yet or not yet been released. When saving on line I get the possibility to send the own Sound font but after sending the music parties I get the message that the Soundfont can not be sent. If I then watch my Sheets on musescore, the piece of music will be there, but will not play with my soundfont but with the standard background of the web page. The wait is therefore on an update to Musescore 2.2 or higher

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Dear emergency workers,
I think I should live with this problem and wait until the New version of Musescore is 3 I thought. Is already known when it can be expected.
Furthermore, thank you very much for the help and I wish you happy holidays
FredPaul Vogel

Hi Fred Paul, as i'm native Dutch speaking, I understand what you are looking for. In 2.1 we introduced the ability of storing the audio file along with your score file via save online. Unfortunately as Marc raised, this feature doesn't work flawless yet. But I wanted to bring to your attention that we may have a solution and that we need some feedback from testers to understand whether the problem was solved. Please read further at Next, download and run a 2.2 nightly build and save your score online along with the audio file. Keep us posted whether this works for you. Thanks!

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