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• Jan 24, 2018 - 17:08
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I still have no sound (except metronome).

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As mentioned before. there is a known issue on certain Mac systems specifically, we could use help in figuring it out because we haven't been able to reproduce it. Again, please see [#238411] and see if any of the suggestions there help, including trying a nightly build of 2.2.

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I, too, have no sound on my Mac on playback (other than metronome). I downloaded the most recent nightly build and it made no difference (MuseScoreNightly-2018-02-08-1850-2.2-ededef8.dmg). Revert to factory settings made no difference. I'm running Mac OS 10.13.3 (High Sierra).This is a sporadic problem as I've recently created files that worked perfectly and I'm now unable to hear them on playback. I was using an older version of MuseScore on a different Mac and it worked just fine. Unfortunately, I no longer have that computer or software. Help!

Same no-sound problem here.
Version 2.1.0.
Some clues:
1. Yesterday I installed a new user as a test. When I ran MuseScore under that fresh user the playback sound was behaving normally.
2. I logged back in as normal user and the playback sound disappeared again.
3. However, today I repeated the experiment and the playback sound is missing for both the normal user and the test user. The metronome sound is present for both.

I just tried the nightly rev 54ef6c0 and there is still no sound. There is metronome but no note sound. Is there anything I can do here to help troubleshoot this? I'd really, really like to get it fixed. Thanks.

Today I started a new file in 2.1 and I had sound! I worked for about 30 minutes and quit the program. When I reopened I had no sound. I tried to duplicate my success by starting a new file but it didn't work.

I like the new user interface in 2.1 so I compose there, export as a .mxl file, and reopen in 1.3 for playback and .mp3 output. It's a pain but it works. I'm just hoping for a quick fix to this bug!

polarbreeze, you are a wonderful human being. I had to download from a third party site (I could find only 2.1 or 1.3 on this site). But I've opened and closed it numerous times, tried different files and voila! IT WORKS!!

May the god of all software downloads smile upon you and everything you do...

Thanks--I'll give that a try. I just completed entering an eight-part chorale piece with piano that was 150+ measures. 😅 And while I could hear upon entry and playback the software was still a bit glitchy. I did the whole Revert To Factory Settings things a few times and lost some entry in the process. This is all strange as I've been using MuseScore for years and have never had issues. Thankful for this forum!