5-string and 6-string bass tabs have the wrong string tuning

• Feb 11, 2018 - 16:37

The images compare the 4-string tab with the 6-string tab. the 4-string tab is correct. however, the 6-string tab looks the same as the 4-string. in fact, it should be shifted over by one string because the top string of a 6-string bass is one fourth higher (C instead of G). Same issue for the 5-string bass tab.
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If you want a score for a bass 4 strings, select in the dropdown list the Tab 4str


And if you want really a score for bass 6 strings (less usual, but this exists of course), you have to add strings as desired in the String Data (in Staff properties)
In this case, which tuning do you wish?

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Aha, the string data in the staff properties only shows 5 strings and there is no option to select 6 strings. So I suppose that's what the problem is - it looks like there is no 6-string instrument defined, even though there is a 6-string option in the drop-down.

I noticed a related issue: I tried editing the string data in the staff properties and it does not save - looks like that's a bug.

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Yes - actually it would be goo to have two new bass tab instruments:
1. 6-string bass B E A D G C
Definition: same as standard 5-string bass but with an added low B.
2. 5-string bass with hi-C tuning: EADGC
Definition: same as standard 4-string bass but with an added high C.

But I hadn't realized how extensive the available editing is when I launched this thread - so maybe it's not a high priority.

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It's commonly used. Needs to be labeled hi-C to distinguish from the low-tuned version.
We could also use a Baritone guitar, which is tuned one fourth lower than a standard guitar, so: B E A D F# B
I suppose it's a question of what instruments deserve their own presets, versus tweaking an existing one.

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Hello, I am intensely interested in this conversation as I am trying to compose with tab for a Megatar, which is a tapping instrument with essentially a six string guitar and a six string bass side by side on the same fretboard, tuned BEADGC for both sides. I see that the change has been noted in the Github log(?) so I am wondering when it might be scheduled for release. Not sure exactly how that works.

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The PR needs to get accepte3d and merged, if and when that happens if should be available in the next development builds for master and 2.2, and will then be available on the next release, 2.2 and 3.0, whenever these happen.
But until then you can easily create these instruments yourself, e.g. by starting with the sample file I attach further up

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For clarification. Every instrument with string data has the same tablature options in the instruments dialog. It does not check how many strings are on the instrument. You can select Ukulele tablature for your bass guitar if you want. You just aren't likely to be very happy with the results.

so im new to using this software, so bare with me. i have a friend who plays a six string bass in an odd tuning. i figured out thru this thread how to change the strings on a staff, but everytime i apply it only seems to apply to the measure at hand and not thru the whole piece made? plus the staff lines still show notes in the red even though in the staff properties it clearly shows the range being lower or higher as the case may be. any clarification on how to apply a staff/tab string change to a full piece, or is it possible to create our own instrument variants to use instead of waiting on devs to create them?

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Changes to staff properties - including changes to string data - apply to the whole score. There isn't anything I can think that would cause it to affect the current measure only. Also, be aware that the range info is different from the string data, which is also different from the number of staff lines. So most likely you haven't quite set things up correctly. If you attach the score you are having problems with, and explain exactly what you are trying to achieve, we can assist better.

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