Line/Ottava Text properties do not apply user-defined vertical offsetting properly

• Feb 13, 2018 - 03:07
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S4 - Minor

This was mentioned a while back on the forums, but it doesn't seem like it was filed on the issue tracker, so here we go.

Issue: A line and an ottava, in their text properties (beginning, continue, end) allow for variated fonts etc. as with the standard text properties. Although the vertical placement buttons work: the four options in the alignment section, the actual user-definable vertical offset doesn't affect placement properly. For instance, the user should be able to apply text on a line, set the vertical option, and then fine tune via the +/- offset parameter. The fine tuning doesn't affect placement of ending text, and so this ought to be upgraded in the code to allow for this, as it is presented as an option in the settings. Not only is this unfortunate for fine tuning placement of certain fonts, but it is confusing to have an option to variate a particular parameter and see no changes.

This isn't perfectly precise as to explain what might happen. For instance, sometimes the beginning text will be affected by changing the vertical text box parameter, but yet when after OKing the box and checking the properties again, the initial value shown in the text box reverts, even though the visual change actually took place. The ending text seems to not take the parameter into account at all. There's something sloppy or ineffective in whatever portion of code deals with this and hopefully it can be tightened up in later updates.

Very much 'good luck' with it.
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Reported version 2.1 2.2


This is my first time contributing to Musescore's code, and I'm new to Git (thanks for the guideline provided), so if anyone sees anything wrong, please let me know. This fix was very simple and meager, but it's a start. On the one hand, it's not very important. On the other, if someone is trying to add special characters to the end of a line, this vertical placement is extremely important to make sure it aligns just right to the line, and so hopefully this will help out some users in the future. Too bad I didn't get it updated in time for 2.2.1's release. After someone with the rights to do so can verify this as free of error etc., it should be incorporated ASAP in my opinion.

Also, if anyone can answer, for instance is it 'my' duty to update 2.3 and master or if this is seen as legit will someone else apply it appropriately to further releases?


Your PR should not be against 2.2.1, but against 2.3, if master is not affected by the problem or needs a very different fix, otherwise against master.

Status (old) patch (code needs review) fixed
Status fixed

Fixed in branch 2.3, commit b48618d2f7

fix #269404: (MS-2.3) - Effective user-defined vertical alignment regarding the ending text of a line