Some rectangles are drawn above some notes with mscore devel

• Jun 30, 2014 - 20:04

I use mscore trunk on fedora 20 64 bits.
The version I use is from commit 5a9d926ba4e78ae6e7dedf4fd455d7405561e99f

When I open mscore with the default score, some rectangles are drawn above some notes.

I attached a screenshot of the problem.

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I'm guessing you have an older version of the Emmentaler font (aka MScore ore MScore1) installed on your system for some reason - perhaps left over from some development work you were doing earlier? Many code points have changed since 1.3, and MuseScore uses an installed version of the font in preference to its own built-in copy. This means you will get bad results like this if you have an older / incompatible version of the font installed. You should normally not have that font installed at all, so the best solution is to simply remove the font from your system.

If that does not solve your problem, feel free to add more information, including perhaps the result of whatever command you would run on Fedora to see if that font is installed, showing that it is not in fact installed.

OK, thanks. I removed the directory /usr/share/fonts/mscore from my system directory and now, mscore master works fine. But the stable version installed on my system doesn't work anymore:

Mscore: fatal error: cannot load internal font

I think maybe that wasn't the right way to remove the font, but I don't know for sure. Either that, or maybe you didn't have the nightly build installed correctly?

Anyhow, it's almost certainly something about your particular configuration that is the problem here - in general, installed correctly, this *does* work (those rectangle as actually supposed to be legato/tenuto markings).

My mscore master is installed in a separate directory: /opt/mscore-devel
I will remove mscore stable from my system, I will then download mscore-1.3, compiles it and install it in a separate directory (/opt/mscore-1.3) so as to avoid font conflict.

There would be no font conflict if the packaging was following how MuseScore is built by the provided build system. The fonts shouldn't be installed on the system but be part of MuseScore binary. If you really have fonts in /usr/share/fonts/mscore/ installed by the mscore package on fedora, it's probably worth sending a bug report to the fedora packager.