Wrong transposition when changing instrument

• Jun 25, 2018 - 14:23
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Hi folks,
thanks for this great pice of software, I really love it.
However I found a little bug:
I have little piece originally for Accordion and want to tranpose it to trombone.
So I did following steps:

  1. Right click on Row
  2. Settings Row
  3. Change Instrument to trombone
  4. Transpose one octave down

Result: Musescore transposes one octave up.
BTW: Selecting one octave up -> transposes one down; not sure whether it is a translation bug in german version.
I have attached the unchanged file, try yourself.

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AlterGurktalerWalzer.mscz 31.04 KB


Certainly not a translation bug, same issue in English, but: this changes the staff to transpose an octave up, which means that existing notes now move an octave down

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Status active closed

You are misunderstanding the purpose of the transposition settings in the Staff Properties dialog. These are not used to actually transpose the music, but to specify how the instrument transposes - for instruments that do in fact transpose (trombone is not one of them, but tenor saxophone is, for example). For more information see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transposing_instrument. So as Jojo mentions, if the instrument itself transposes down (meaning it sounds lower than written), the notes need to be transposed up to give the desired sound, and that is what this setting is for. You should never be touching it normally as it is all handled automatically when using transposing instruments.

To actually transpose the music, use Notes / Transpose. Or, for a simple octave transposition, just select it all and use Ctrl+Down.