Opening .mscz file converted from .pdf causes crash

• Aug 28, 2018 - 17:32
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no error message or anything it just completely crashes almost instantly upon opening a mscz file and happens everytime i try to open the file. the file i try to open is in attachment

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I''m not familiar with all of the xml commands but I see some I don't remember seing before such as

 <Measure number="1" len="1/4"> (the len command)

There were some other strange text items in fonts and metatags that I deleted thinking they might be the problem. The file still crashes MuseScore.

How was this transferred from a PDF to an MXL file? Silly question, did it ever open properly or did you insert the .mscx file into a .mscz file? The .mscx file has a different name than the .mscz file, but the .mscx file should open if it's okay, but it crashes many MuseScore versions from 2.0.3 - 2.3.2.

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The PDF was transferred to mxl by some program, I'm curious which program you used to do this. PDF's almost always have problems that need to be fixed when transferred to a musicXML or mxl format, but they don't normally crash MuseScore. You also didn't answer the question of how the .mscx file got into the .msxz file with a different name. PDF import programs usually import to mxl or xml format, which MuseScore can open. The Audiveris site used by MuseScore's import PDF feature does put it in .mscz format, but I've never looked to see what it calls the .mscx file inside.

The XML examples and other info was for programmers that might be able to make file like this open, or at least not crash MuseScore.

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As I said before, no score should cause a crash. Crashes should be caught and the user should be given a message the the file cannot be opened. If it's a MusicXML format file I think it should tell which line has the error that causes the crash in the message.

I hope this issue will remain opened until at least the crash is fixed. If you had successfully opened the file, you would see that it's a mess and it would be easier to create the score from scratch than to fix it. Grace notes, glissandos and multiple voices causes Audiveris confusion. These are all present in the score. Hopefully one day it will be improved to avoid these problems.

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that's fine it was more or less an experiment to begin with, but i was just surprised that it crashed completely rather than giving an error code. I downloaded the PDF file from a different site so I'm not sure about whether it was musicxml format or not. i just knew it was a pdf and figured id give it a try to see what came up. I've done it before that method and it's always a mess and never copies it perfectly which is to be expected, but i think that's the first time it crashed the program entirely. thanks for the help though

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One point of clarification. PDF and XML or totally different file formats. PDF to XML programs read the PDF and generate XML files that can hopefully be opened by other programs. I have seen several scores, simpler than this one, that have successfully been transferred and opened by MuseScore. Some can be easily fixed using MuseScore's tools, some have too many issues and it is faster to scrap the input file and and start from scratch. Looking at the XML of this file leads me to believe it would be faster to enter it from scratch. It is possible, maybe likely, that there is someone examining it as we speak to see why it crashes MuseScore. They may be able to fix the file so it can open.

Title musescore crashes when opening score Opening .mscz file converted from .pdf causes crash
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Is this not then two issues?
The pdf converter, when converting something that is not a music sheet gives a message saying the conversion was unsuccessful. However, when converting this pdf, it gives the user a file that will crash MuseScore. This is a bug.
When MuseScore receives this file, it should catch the bugged file and give the user an error message rather than crash. This is another (likely related) bug.
Thus, I suggest we open a separate issue for the converter, unless we are unable to change the way the converter it due to it being powered by Audiveris?

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Audiveris is separate from MuseScore, so an Audiveris issue is not useful here. I agree that MuseScore should catch bugs from converted PDF files and report a corruption and refuse to open the file. I hope someone will look into this.

The question I have about the issue is who converts the file from mxl to mscz? If it's the site, then any problems should be caught there.