MuseScore 3 doesn't work with azerty keyboard

• Nov 30, 2018 - 09:54
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MuseScore uses digits for several essential commands, mainly note length choice.
Using digits with azerty keyboard, especially without numeric keypad as it is more and more often the case on modern laptops is clumsy.
But thanks God MuseScore has always been very smart on that subject, allowing you to use the digits key without needing to add the shift command.
To be clear:
The key with a [ ' ] and a [ 4 ] could be used without shift key and was considered entering a 4. even if the "true" character was [ ' ].
It has always worked for me on azerty keyboard with 7 different PC: 3 Lenovo laptop, 2 Medion, 1 Dell and 1 Asus, with windows 7 and windows 10 and even with windows XP on the first lenovo.

That was the MuseScore 2 world.

Now with MuseScore 3, entering [4] from the keyboard without shift key doesn't work anymore, and entering triplet just doesn't work at all:
neither CTRL+3 or CTRL+SHIFT+3 works.


Status active duplicate

Seems to be a duplicate of #269507
Fixed by PR 4197 on 22 novembre 2018

For working, you have to restore factory default

I am using a French AZERTY keyboard and have tested since some days.
Reopen if it is not completely fixed.

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Quite strange, Anatoly-os merged PR4197 in 3.0beta1 branch :
Merge pull request #4197 from dmitrio95/azerty-shortcuts

fix #269507: fix numeric shortcuts for AZERTY layout
master (#4197)
anatoly-os committed 8 days ago
2 parents f24e334 + cc18ec6 commit fdf8da5a61b675acaf1a892e7c9e28e6bcbe38ed

So what ? Functional in Nightly but not in Beta ?

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"But thanks God MuseScore has always been very smart on that subject, allowing you to use the digits key without needing to add the shift command."

In fact, nothing smart! If my understanding is now complete, it was due to a Qt bug, fixed in January 2018. See:
And the explanation below:

And so eg to type a triplet (Ctrl + 3), you have to enter the 3 with the numeric keyboard, which always should have been the expected behavior! :)
Now, that the command Ctrl + Shift + Ctlr (eg) does not work around the situation, I can not say what is really expected.

Hi Cadiz1,
In that case unfortunately I will have to stay on MuseScore 2 (as most azerty user without numpad I suppose)

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I have here of course numeric keyboard on my desktop and laptop.
So, no problem here, just a habit to change.
(and understand that the former behaviour ie type the ' (under the 4) without press Shift, and receive a 4, was a bug!) :)
But again, can we expect that Shift + Ctrl + 3 works? Maybe, probably?

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I do NOT have a numeric keypad, so this is a serious problem for me and for all other laptop users without numeric keypad which become the norm with the new "small" laptops even with 15" screen.
And perhaps the MuseScore 2 behaviour was due to a QT bug instead of being intentional, but the result was splendid.

What is the updated beta? I have just checked under download and it is still announced as "beta 28 Nov" which is the one I have installed.
Is there another beta somewhere (I know one has been announced for tomorrow in the other thread)

Done (help=>check for updates) and then working by adding CTRL+" to shorcut (" being the symbol of the 3 key on the Belgian azerty keyboard).
Thanks Marc and Jojo for the solution!
It requires some work (redefined shortcuts 0,1,..,9 as &,é,...,ç then whatever triplet commands you need (I mainly use CTRL 3 so just did this one.
But once done it is done.
Perhaps add to the download link of the software page the fact that the beta can be refreshed even if no new download is proposed there?

the download there is updated, just not the text with the date. And in the default settings the 1st Beta should have checked for updates once a day and notify you.

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So, we ask the user for their keyboard layout on first startup. I thought it was to deal with things like this. Are we not doing reasonable things with the info?

We also support load shortcut files, so if nothing else, we can provide an AZERTY-no-numpad file for donwload...