Crescendos and Decrescendos

• Dec 2, 2018 - 20:41
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S2 - Critical
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there is no way to extend the crescendos and decrescendos in the new musescore 3.0


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You need to remove the check from Automatic Placement in the inspector, then you can edit hairpins as you see fit. If it is only a little long and is too low, you can put the hairpin in edit mode with Automatic Placement still checked and move the right hand grab box to the left a little either with the mouse or inspector.

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Autoplacement should not prevent from extending a hairpin, using shift left/right. Or isn't that what this issue is about?

I don't see any problems extending the actual range of a hairpin using Shift+Left/Right or adjusting the physical length with Left/Right or dragging the handle, no need to disable autoplace. If you are still seeing a problem, please attach your score and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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A problem I've seen, and may be this problem is that if you want to adjust the left anchor location of a hairpin by dragging it, you can't. If you drag the left anchor to make the hairpin shorter, the left anchor will stay in place and the right side will shorten, but auto placement stays in effect. Auto placement seems to use the left anchor for placement rather than the middle anchor. You can move the entire hairpin using the middle *anchor. Since auto placement seems to only moves items up and down to avoid other elements, it seems that shortening the hairpin from either end with auto placement on should be possible.

One other possibility is that *you cannot move a hairpin higher than the Y offset (while at the bottom of the staff) in the hairpin style unless you turn off auto placement. I believe this to be the correct result.

*the rule in the second paragraph cannot be broken without turning off auto placement.