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• Dec 8, 2018 - 21:33
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When I input the A note on the violin staff with keyboard input, it inputs A2, which the violin cannot play. a more reasonable input would be A3 or A4.


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Could you please describe the steps to reproduce from scratch? A4 is the first note input for Violin for me in MuseScore 3 Beta Update.

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Working from scratch, I can make A3 be the first note but not A2.

Create a score from scratch with one or more violins (or violin, you may use a template but is not needed).
Enter a note using keyboard in anywhere but beat 1 of measure 1 e.g.
* click the first beat of song
* press n 3 0 (for an 8th rest)
* press a

Result is an A3, rather than an A4 you get if the first beat is entered as A. This is also the result you get one the first beat of any measure besides 1.

I get A below the staff. but I think it also may depend on what I had done previously in another score? First note entered does seem erratic. More testing would be useful.

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I get a previously reported unexplained jump in octaves at times when I cross a barline entering notes. For example, I may finish a measure with an A3 and the first note in the next measure is sometimes entered as B4 rather than B3. I'm curious if your experience is related. I tried my method for getting an A3 above and it was consistent.

I've gotten an A3 from flute by switching voices - used voice three. I know there's some confusion over octave naming, I call treble clef first ledger line below the staff C C4. First line above in bass. My soundfont editor, Viena, calls it C3 for some reason. So, it's entirely possible that this person's A2 is my A3.