Make MuseJazz available as a "Musical text font"

• Jul 26, 2014 - 15:36
S4 - Minor

This involves adding glyphs at the SMuFL codepoints for the symbols MuseScore uses internally within text elements. This includes the letters used in dynamics (p, m, f, s, z, r) and may also include segno, coda, pedal, 8va, etc. And then it has to be added to the list of choices in Style / General.


Either that or the template would need to be updated after this was done. Anything non-obvious I need to know to make this happen? It seems to me I shouldn't need to actually create a separate MuseJazzText since this is already basically just a text font - I just need to add / move glyphs and add it to the list?

MuseJazz already had segno, coda, and the note symbols for tempo markings. That's it as far as symbols I think would be used by this facility - I don't have dynamics, pedal symbol, etc. Not sure I feel like adding them, but is there a list of symbols worth adding should I or someone else decide to?

Based in the discussion on SMuFL mailing list it would be good to have the note symbols at the SMuFL code point, registered in the SMuFL way (middle of the staff) and at the unicode code point, registered on the baseline...
See… and

Other than that the default symbols using the musical text font are indeed Pedal marking, dynamics, tempo, all the segno/coda, the ottava numbers (if stars are aligned, like in the palette)

As of now, I have the coda & segno, both versions of the note symbols, also the accidentals duplicated - all of these are at Unicode, SMuFL, and the original MScore codepoints.

That's as far as I think I want to take it. Dynamics I think I prefer seeing in the conventional way so they stand out just as they would for a "normal" score. Basic ottavas already work with just setting the text style. I can't see me wanting a special Ped symbol.

I guess I should add the other segno and coda variations at some point, but I don't feel like a font designer right now, and with the fallback, it's at least usable as is. So I'll submit a PR soon.

Status (old) active patch (code needs review)

The fallback to Bravura Text for glyphs not present in the specified font was not working: I addressed this in the PR. That could stand review. Also, I generated the TTF from FontForge with options that make it work, with kerning, for me on Linux. We should verify on other systems. Type "Te" or "ra" in MuseJazz should show pretty quickly.