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• Feb 8, 2019 - 07:39
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Earlier today I reported issue with repeated crashes upon quitting application and the basic and advanced palettes empty upon starting program. After attempting to fix including restoring factory settings with no effect, I removed program and reinstalled. After a few hours, the basic tool palette is empty. Advanced palette is working normally. Again I tried restoring to factory settings. Basic Palette remains empty. Also, I can report that crashing upon quitting program occurred with regularity while USB connection to MIDI keyboard. Upon disconnecting USB. program does not crash when quitting. It is not clear what relationship is, if any, of USB keyboard connection to MacBook to Musescore crashing. I am using MacBook Touch Bar. OS Mojave 10.14.3


Update. removed program for 2nd time today and reinstalled. The advanced palette presets disappeared immediately after creating a shortcut "option F" for "add fingering". Nothing I'm trying will bring it back.

This seems likely to be a permissions problem on your system then, since no one else seems to see this, and tht's the only thing I can think of that could explain what seems to be happening.

I'm guessing it may turn out that the program was installed as a different user than the one you are currently logged in as, something like that. I'm not a mac expert s I can't tell you exactly what to look for.

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I am the only user of my machine....I've now removed and installed 4 or 5 times. Same issues. I might end up taking my macbook to apple store...However, Musescore is the only program acting up like this. Maybe it is interacting with some other program that is installed or running in background....don't know.

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I have the same Problem.- during first launch i choosed the extended palette in the launch Assistant. After that i wanted to change to the standard palette- but it was empty. By the way - also my system crashes when using the "toggle midi button" (but i guess this should been handled under different issue..)
Attached the failure log..

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Gömmer. I'm curious...Do you have Ableton Live or a Version of Pro Tools installed on your Mac? Those are the two programs I can remember installing lately before I installed Musescore 3. I've been wondering if there might be some kind of conflict going on. Not sure why that would be the case, but I'm not a coder...

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The “empty palette” and the “crash upon closing” issues seem like they are unrelated but I have no expertise to determine that. I experienced the empty palettes from the get go, regardless of being connected or not to MIDI. However the MIDI connection and crashing upon closing do correlate. At this point I may just go back to version 2.xx until issues are resolved. My basic palette is permanently empty. Advanced palette seems stable for now but I’ve already experienced both palettes being empty before my most recent reinstall.