Color notes out of usable range preference doesn't work

• Sep 23, 2009 - 06:21
  1. Open or create score with out-of-range notes in it
  2. Edit > Preferences > Note Entry
  3. Remove check mark from "color notes out of usable range"

Expected behavior: Out-of-range notes should appear black like the in-range notes

Actual behavior: Out-of-range notes are still colored

Discussion: The out-of-range notes seems more like a person-by-person preference than a score-by-score preference. I would suggest removing it from the Style > Edit Style section and making it work in Edit > Preferences. Alternatively you could have four options in Edit > Preferences: (1) always color out-of-range notes (2) color unless specified otherwise in the score style settings (3) don't color unless specified otherwise in the score style settings (4) never color out-of-range notes. But that seems overly complicated so I wouldn't recommend it.


I have followed the procedure outlined above and find absolutely no "color notes out of usable range" box to uncheck on the given page. The notes are Yellow when perceived to be out of range. They are not out of range for a competent Tuba player ("D" above middle "C") and it is further irritating that you set such a limited range. I would like to have a Brass Category of simply "Tuba" without reference to a key and without artificial limits to the range. Can you fix my software so I do NOT color any notes?

How do I get that release? I just downloaded the one I am using on November 21