the setting of "View > Mark irregular measures" isn't saved into scores

• Apr 14, 2019 - 10:45
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the setting of "View > Show irregular measures" isn't saved accross sessions.

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Title the setting of "View > Show irregular measures" isn't saved accross sessions. the setting of "View > Show irregular measures" isn't saved into scores
Title the setting of "View > Show irregular measures" isn't saved into scores the setting of "View > Mark irregular measures" isn't saved into scores

And we probably should only write it to the score when disabled and let it default to enabled.

We should probably also only write the settings for showInvisible (default: true), showUnprintable (default: true), showFrames (default: true) and showPageBorders (default: false) if not set to their defaults too, but that is for another day (and would require all mtest files to get adjusted, I'm affraid)

Please make this default to OFF and please add it to the global Preferences for all documents. It's very annoying to have to go to this menu item and turn this off for every single file, every time the file is opened. All my scores have adjusted value measures and these little stray markings do not help, they look wrong, look like tenuto marks or weird dots or just wrong graphics, and this makes it harder to prepare each score.

Well, all similar settings are per score and some on by default (show invisible, frames and layout breaks), so this is too and should be IMHO.

That isn't compelling logic. These markings are disruptive and need to go away. I can see the value of showing them in case I want to check what I've done, but no way should this be on by default. That is a terrible, horrible design choice.

I guess here we have to agree to disagree...
For sure calling that design choice "terrible, horrible" is the exaggeration of the month.

Well, sorry to exaggerate. Disagreeing is fine. But why don't you ask users what they want here, instead of deciding as a dictator? This same issue has been reported already several times by other people annoyed by the same thing, wanting to get rid of it. They disagree with you too. It's a feature probably a lot of people don't use, but I bet the majority of the people who do use this feature disagree with you.

EDIT: actually since this happens on pickup measures, basically everyone will see this at some point. And come on, who needs to see these stray markings in a pickup measure? They weren't there before, now they are, and they don't need to be there. Nobody needs to see faux-tenuto minus signs over the pickup bar.

OpenSource is not democracy ;-) and not my decision either, the implementation of that new feature hadn't been done by me, I'm just trying to solve the apparent bug that this setting doesn't get saved anywhere.

I don't remeber to have seen any complaints about it (except your's here), but indeed questions what that "-" (or "+") is all about.
It is currently on by default, actually always, my proposed fix here is not to change the default, but the apparent bug of its setting not getting saved.
Feel free to open another issue, as a "S5 - Suggestion", to have the default changed.

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This marking BTW may not be too help- and usefull on a pickuzp measure, but certainly is mid-score, esp. in connection with the likewise new features of "timewise delete" AKA "delete selected range" as well as the insert mode, as either can, and in case of the insert mode will create irregular measures. Here a warning in form of that -/+ is very usefull IMHO

It bothered me for the couple of days it took to ask what it was. Since I learned what it is, I find it very helpful and a great feature; it doesn't show up in the print/post version, so whom is it hurting? I love it. So there.

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After making a change to a measure length intentionally, there is no need to be reminded of it with a marking. As I said, I can see the use of being able to check a score by turning the markings on, looking things over, and then turning them off again. You already answered where he's asking how to turn it off because he doesn't want to see the markings. That's the same complaint. - he wants to get rid of the marks, same complaint.

True if you intentionally do this via measure properties, but deleting selected range and a (possibly inadvertently) enabled insert mode is different.

Those were no complaints, but questions that these are. And indeed complaints that switching it off doesn't save, which is without any doubt a bug. None of these demanded changing the default.

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