MuseScore saves out invalid MUSICXMl file

• Jun 14, 2019 - 04:17
Reported version
S2 - Critical

Open my file The Birth of the Blues. Export the piano part as MusicXML.
Close file. Open the exported MusicXML file.

Result: File 'File 'C:/Users/david/Google Drive/MusicXml/The_Birth_of_the_Blues.musicxml' is not a valid MusicXML file. Do you want to open this file anyway.

Note. If you open anyway, it seems to display ok. However, it crashes the app I was trying to export it to.


Frequency Many Once
Severity S1 - Blocker S2 - Critical
Status active needs info
Reported version 3.1 3.0
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Score got created (at least last saved) with 3.0.5 so first of all upgrade to 3.1 (or have you already?)

The error is:
Fatal error: line 3120 column 27 Element tie is not defined in this scope.

I can't get it to crash in 3.1, can you? Or what is that app I was trying to export it to?

The export indeed is incorrect. The tied small notes at the end of the last piano measure are exported as cue notes (which may or may not be correct, don't know yet). Apparently MusicXML does not allow tied cue notes. Will need some more time to get all the details clear. If correct, this would definitely make it an exporter problem and the workaround would be not to use small notes or ties. Am unable to do further investigation at this time.

The invalid MusicXML file does not crash MuseScore (commit 8c42b37c of June 3rd).

Status needs info active

Would still like to know what the deal with tje crash is about though, I do suspect though that it isn't MuseScore that crashes here.

No, Musescore did not crash, it just wrote out a file that caused other programs to crash or put up error messages, depending on how good the other app's error handling was.

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit 2f2e72efdb

_fix #290764: MuseScore saves out invalid MUSICXMl file
fix #301320: [MusicXML import/export] incorrect handling of small notes, grace notes and cue notes

Fix the following issues with small notes, grace notes and cue notes:
- cue notes are not imported as silent (non-playing)
- all small note are exported as cue notes instead of only silent small notes
- small grace notes are exported with both grace and cue elements, which MusicXML does not allow_

Fix version