[Musicxml Export] - Tbox and Vbox after measure 1 don't export

• Jul 5, 2019 - 00:48
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For a long time, Musescore can't export titles and other information entered as tbox or vbox after measure 1. This happens in scores with multiple movements, e.g.:
I have to look into the uncompressed mscx file to get all things back after the conversion. Could this be solved? The box information after measure 1 can be simply exported as words attached to the topmost staff, unless the coming MNX is published with more explicit flow of system-wide or page-wide texts.



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Bumping this as I'm going to be needing this too. I have no idea the right way to export such text, but ideally it would be something exiting MusicXML tools can read.

FWIW, my use cases isn't just titles on movements, but "scores" that are actually more text than music - educational materials. So, a paragraph of text, a short musical example, another paragraph of text, another short example, etc.

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Main reason for not importing/exporting tboxes and boxes is that no real equivalent exists in MusicXML. The options are:

  • credit-words: having a fixed page position, interaction with the systems undefined
  • words: attached to a note

Both are reasonably easy to export but hard to import. See https://music.stackexchange.com/questions/44717/does-musicxml-support-a… for a more detailed explanation.

Please find attached examples of large texts in system text and vbox in MuseScore and MusicXML. The latter files required editing, as MuseScore currently does not yet supports this. I would be interested to know whether this is useful to you.

For my purposes, exporting is all I really care about. I think Haipeng and I are both interested in Braille translations, and as long as the info is there in MusicXML to work from, it's better than nothing. I'd want the relative location relative to the music to be preserved, since for me it's text interpersed with music. So, "words" I guess is what I'd want, although I'm not sure which note to attach to - the last note before the text, or the first note after presumably. Whichever a Braille converter is more likely to place between the measures, I guess.

I also prefer the common blocks, since they will always be exported. Putting them at the measure they are at the Musescore ile, attaching to the first note or rest of the first voice. Unless MNX is published, we have to render this way.


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what do you mean "prefer the common blocks" ? So far I understand you'd like the tbox and vbox to be exported as MusicXML words.

Does any of the MusicXML files I have attached works correctly for you ?

Do you need to have the system distance exported ?

Regards, Leon,

Sorry I typed something incorrectly at that time. I prefer to render the boxed text as words, since the credit block will be ignored by the braille translation software currently, and we also can't determine its exact position, either at the top or bottom of a page or system. The system distance can be exported as back-translation, but is of no use to braille transcription currently. In the future, It should be put into the sequence in MNX.