"Customize Toolbar" not persistent

• Nov 12, 2019 - 20:32
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Ergonomical (UX)
S4 - Minor
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1) Go to View > Toolbars > Customize Toolbars
2) Make any change (I removed most of the note durations)
3) Quit and reopen Musescore
4) Change does not persist


Are you by chance using an AppImage versiom or MuseScore on Linux? If so, i suspect a permission issue on saving those changes, shortcuts and other customizations then would be affected too

I've seen this problem. When you switch to a custom workspace, whichever toolbar was being used before that is used in the custom workspace. This happens on my Windows 10 system with only 1 account so there are no and have never been permission issues.

It also depends on the settings you established in your custom workspace - if you didn't check the Toolbar option, then those changes are not saved as part of the workspace, by design. If you want them in that workspace, use View / Workspaces / Edit to set the option now.

Status active needs info

So my belief is that the current behavior is correct for the different scenarios I know of, but there could well be some specific case - a combination of different workspaces with or without the Toolbars option checked, which workspace you are in when you make the change, which workspace you are in when you close MuseScore - where something is off. We'd need more information on your workspace configuration and the precise steps, for starting MuseScore to quitting to starting again - in order to investigate further.

I'll agree with you. I just realized I had Menu bar checked rather than Tool bar. I know I have a paper bag around here somewhere.