I am beginning to lose my temper.

• Nov 13, 2019 - 01:20

The newest update is a complete flop. I am not a person to complain about systems I can so easily workaround. It is the hard work of many that have brought us Musescore and I am eternally grateful.

HOWEVER, this newest update is unbelievably disappointing. The newest Palette bar is unworkable and slow. The percussion writing is no longer visible. The entire system has become cluttered and unnecessarily fancy. Musescore has always been, to me, a simple, easy, and powerful tool. This mess of an update makes this software complicated, slow, and less powerful than I'd wish. It is, frankly, aggravating and unthinkable that this update is final. It would be better to scrap the update altogether and return to the previous version.

Sorry, I am complaining, but we all need criticism to get better.


All I can say is that I am currently writing a new piece using the newest update with out issue. Please list some specific problems you are having.

Palette bar seems same to me?
Mixer thing is weird I don't remember it being so complicated before gets really unworkable when you put in a different soundfont it just dosn't recognise the stave property and reverts to the first on the list .
This is my only real gripe
so far....

Can you explain exactly what seems different about the palette to you? It's true there are differences under the hood that make it keyboard accessible and also greatly facility customization, but if you don't take advantage of either of those new features, it should work exactly the same as before - either drag & drop an icon to the score, or select element(s) in the score then double-click the icon.

Similarly, nothing has changed regarding percussion writing, if you are having some sort of problem, please start a new thread and describe the particular problem you are having in more detail (ie, attach a score, give the steps you are following, say what you expect to see happen and what happens instead).

No idea what you mean about becoming cluttered and fancy, the interface doens't look any different than it has for the last several releases, aside from the slight tweaks to the palette that were made to faciilitate navigation and discoverable. Feel free to attach a screenshot showing the particular portion of the interface where you perceive there to have been some sort of change.

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