A repeat before the Segno makes the D.S. and D.S. al coda not working as expected

• Jan 5, 2020 - 12:03
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S3 - Major

Open the example file :

  1. Play it : it messes up the repeats, Da capo.
  2. Remove the first repeat sign on the first measure
  3. Play it again : perfect.
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Indeed the workaround is working.
It raises 2 questions :
- how did you guess that putting a section break here would work? (for info, I tried to put a section break after the first repeat, to "isolate" it, but it does not work.)
- Am I really the first to report it or to make these goto segno twice? Is there a better way to create these repeating structures? (I supposed that it was working in earlier version and common use ...)

(Sorry about the "frequency", I thought that it was similar to "Reproductibility")

Regression Yes No

Tested with 2.3.2: indeed not a regression (see attached, rewritten in 2.3.2 from scratch).
Seems to be related to 'Play Repeats', without it does jump properly (and is why the MusicXML ex-/import works, it looses those 'Play Repeats' settings for the D.S. and D.S. al coda), but playback is still not as intended.

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Segno_plus_Capo_FirstRepeat-2.3.2.mscz 7.14 KB

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Maybe, but it is not only the "Play repeats", the "Da capo" is not done properly too and during my tests, I had all kind of jumping to Segno and Coda and doing repeats or not.

My constant are that the first repeat triggers the issue and the Section break is a workaround.

Now, I saw the advice about not using the DS and DaCapo too much, but what is advised to do? (except obviously to copy/paste) Or do you get one version with copy/paste for execution and one version with instructions written in plain english for reading?

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch 3.x, commit 0873ebf4b2

_fix #279040, fix #287447, fix #299137, fix #299320, fix #300362, fix #304795

Refactor repeatlist unwinding

  • Fix D.S. issues
  • Support for jumping into Volta
  • Support for multiple jumps
  • Prepare section break indications for when the pause should really matter
  • Prepare repeatlist to include playbackCount for each segment, opening the way for play x-th time for all elements_
Fix version