Corruption when copying a shortened 2 note tremolo

• Aug 22, 2014 - 13:12
S2 - Critical

1. Open attached score.
2. Click on first note in the second voice and extend selection to the third eighth note.
3. Copy paste to another measure.

Result: 2 note tremolo with a half note and an eighth.
Expected: ?


Remove the tremolo if the second chord is not copied fully.

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2-note-tremolo-partcopy.mscz 1.62 KB


as you copy econd voice.... I would suggest to paste only second voice as expected result... (if you wanted the two half with tremolo you would have selected note in first voice...

you can also use selection filter "second voice" and that paste only what you wanted...

hope that helps ... even a little ;)

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2-note-tremolo-partcopy.mscz 1.82 KB

Here is what I see on this issue:

- From May 19 until August 6 and this Nigthly: 88b44cd, I get this result:
1 result.jpg

- On August 6 always and this Nigthly : aa7957b, I receive (and it's the current result) :

- And the result is exactly the same in both cases by removing the tremolo.
So same result (except rests in voice2, but it's not the issue)
result .jpg
3 result after removal tremolo.jpg

Therefore, I can not locate the corruption :(

If the last note doesn't fit and the previous chord in the same track has a tremolo, we now remove the tremolo and decrease the value of both chords. Then we insert the second chord.