Make applying tremolo a toggle operation

• May 22, 2020 - 13:40
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Tremolos on single stems is something that is similar to articulation, and should really be toggle enabled like staccato, tenuto, marcato etc.

This would need to be in the list of keyboard shortcuts to work.


Title Make stem tremolo toggle enabled please Make applying single note tremolo a toggle operation

No, apply tremolo once applies is, appliy again to remove it

it is similar to an articulation as it affects the playback of a single note/chord
I guess a 2 notes tremolo though would benefit from being a toggle too

I don't think tremolo has anything similar to articulation. Tremolo is an abbreviation of rapidly repeating notes. There're basically several notes, not one note with an articulation. So I don't expect to see whatever toggling operation that's specific to articulations being applied to tremolos as well.

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Select a note, hit shift+S, => staccato dot over the note. Hit shift+S again => The staccato dot disappears i.e. Shift+S acts as a toggle. [EDIT] Unless you have re-assigned the Shift+S shortcut that is.

It is a good idea as it is often quicker to apply staccato to a long string of notes and then toggle off the ones you don't want rather than having to apply staccato to just those you do want.

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There are lots of scenarios, which come across when composing or arranging. Like mentioned somewhere else, the process of composition, arranging and sketching is very different from copying or engraving. It often involves so many rapid changes and trial and error, that certain features are just becoming very helpful. Toggle is one of them. Now since stem tremolos actually often applied not to a single notes here and there but to a larger passages of mixed material and over something like up to 5 staves of a string section, chasing those tiny slashes one at a time with a mouse, or even as a list selection is a tedious thing. And particularly when you are in a phase of changing things around a lot. Toggle would then be primarily used with small portions of range selected passages or staves, not so much with ctrl selection I believe.

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As you will see from the list I posted, there is already the facility to toggle trills - ornament, not articulation. Adding the facility to toggle tremolos shouldn't break anything and unless a default shortcut is defined, users would not notice the facility's presence unless they defined their own shortcut.

The big advantage of toggle behaviour for staccato markings is that the alternative method of removing them by selecting the mark and deleting is difficult because the selection target - the dot - is so darned tiny. Tremolos offer a bigger target and so the advantage of toggle behaviour is not so great in their case. But even so, I can believe some users will find it useful on occasion and it won't inconvenience those who don't find it useful.

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Toggle for single notes would be nice because they are sometimes difficult to click if you decide to remove them. This is rarely a problem with tremolos between notes.

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I agree about the tremolo and the toggle. On mandolin it is basically a way we just play certain notes and it sounds like a toggle might be very helpful to add or remove the tremolo marks. Having a feature that is easy to see that says "to remove tremolo" with that section of tools would be nice. Lots of instruction on how to add them in help, but not on removing them. Seems like that might be a nice feature to think about adding in the help instructions..? Just putting forth a few constructive suggestions that could help others.

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