MuseScore 3.5 Crashes Constantly

• Aug 7, 2020 - 17:52

I have just updated my MuseScore application to 3.5 today. Unfortunately, it crashes when it boots up.

I click on the application on my computer, and of course see the new startup window. Then the MuseScore window comes up and nothing else happens. Then it just closes immediately. Mostly I get a Not Responding message at the top-left. I bet something's trying to load, and the new update isn't able to show my MuseScore files. So in short, I boot MuseScore up, the startup window shows, the actual MuseScore window opens, and then crashes before I can even access my MuseScore files.

I know my computer is slow at times, but this is different. I think it's a bug in the new 3.5 update. I can't get to the window that lets me select a score. Is there a reason why it's doing this? Has anyone else seen this issue? I hope my application can be fixed. Also, if it helps my computer is a Windows 10.


On the French forum, two (possibly?) similar cases have emerged. These users - also using Windows 10 - had kept version 3.4.2 on their system.
It's been enough, from this version 3.4.2, to Revert to Factory Settings (via the "Help" menu), then to reinstall version 3.5 for the problem to be solved.

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Of course, I understand. It makes sense that version 3.5 overwrites 3.4.2.
But as said, the two French users obviously had kept 3.4.2 on their system, in another directory, I presume. I haven't experienced this problem (the two installations - on desktop/laptop - of the 3.5 under Windows 10 went perfectly well a few hours ago), so I fear to can't helping any more, sorry.

There certainly is no general problem with 3.5 that prevents it from starting up, it's working fine for most of us. My guess is there is something unique to your system - a device driver, perhaps, or a recent score MuseScore is trying to display. Did you try the instructions from the Handbook on how to revert to factory settings by starting from the command line?

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Hello !
Similar problem on the French forum:
It's the switch to continuous display that prevents replays from being played. Switching back to page view does not solve the problem.
You have to switch to page view, save the file, close and reopen it... and not switch to continuous display or do the same thing if continuous display is more comfortable for typing.
Hi ! Marc
Old files without any problem do not work anymore if they are displayed in continuous display.
It's a real bug of 3.5.

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I actually did something different. I selected a Musescore file from my file explorer. It works. Unfortunately just opening it by the shortcut still won't work. So I think it is a computer thing. I can still view my scores. Still, I hope the bug can get fixed.

I'm having a similar problem, along with a few other issues. There is no playback when I select a note, and when I hit the play button it takes a few seconds to play, and there's a jarring electronic buzz before the score starts playing.

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