MIddle click should let you move around the score while in input mode

• Oct 29, 2020 - 00:18

As it is, right click and middle click serve the same function. This is a waste of buttons.

Furthermore the user should be able to move around the page with only the mouse while in input mode.

Middle click makes sense for this, since it's how it's used in many other programs, such as graphic programs or some DAWs.


Please also think Mac and their one-button mouse
And those that have a scroll wheel instead it a middle button (which does move about in the score, up down, and together with Shift left/right, and together with Ctrl zoom in/out)

I have nothing against this even though I don't think I've ever used a three-button mouse in my life and suspect that also applies to 99% of other users. But to be clear: you can already easily move around the page with only the mouse while in note input mode - using the scroll wheel or equivalent touch gesture (e.g.g, two finger swipe), same as virtually every other program. And it's definitely the far more efficient way to navigating in MuseScore than trying to drag the canvas anyhow. But again, I have nothing against providing another method of dragging as well.

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Conversely, I've never used a mouse that doesn't have a clickable wheel.

Scroll only moves up/down. I'm dealing with a score that so far is 10 pages long and more often than not I need to move horizontally or diagonally. Rarely I need to move straight up or down.

In my personal view, click for drag, and wheel for zoom would be ideal (and the scroll being a two mode operation, it fits the zoom, whereas moving is not exclusively up and down), because then you can do all navigation with only the mouse without leaving input mode; but I'm aware this would probably disrupt existing workflow for a lot of users.

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Scroll moves up/down for me. I know ctrl+scroll zooms.

What I'm saying is, if scroll zoomed and middle click dragged, then you'd have all those operations (and more, since you can also do diagonal) without needing to press anything on the keyboard.

Of course I don't expect the scroll = zoom behavior to be changed because it would break many people's workflow, but middle-click to drag is a standard in many programs, specially DAWs and image editors.

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As mentioned, scrolling moves sideways with Shift, not just in MuseScore but in pretty much every program that has horizontal scrolling at all - it's normally an OS-level or device-level feature. Also, of course most people don't use physical mice at all but rather touchpads. For some of these Shift plus two-finger swipe is needed to scroll horizontally, for others you can actually just two-finger swipe horizontally. Some support full range / free form scrolling as well. The point is, these are all standard gestures that MuseScore supports. So again, it's virtually unheard of to actually need to drag the score to position it however you like - standard mouse/touchpad gestures already do the job. I think maybe the only exception is that little pointing stick used on Thinkpads?

And yes, the problem with click for drag in note input mode is that clicking is how an awful lot of people enter notes.

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' scrolling moves sideways with Shift pretty much every program that has horizontal scrolling at all - it's normally an OS-level or device-level feature '
A bit too optimistic unfortunately.
It doesn't work at all in Excel, shift+scroll does nothing in notpad but Fn+scroll does scroll horizontally and other programs are still different

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The point is to be able to move around without needing to press ctrl. We must know different people, everyone I know has a desktop (in fact I don't even own a laptop) and most mice I know have at least 5 buttons.

All those people who don't have a mice with more than 2 buttons will be unaffected.

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