MusicXML: credit-words text can overlay staves

• Feb 9, 2021 - 11:32
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On importing an xml file from another music editing app, the space above the top system on the first page is not respected and the music overlays the text at the top of the page.
Same xml files open OK in Finale Notepad and in earlier versions of MuseScore.

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I assume the MusicXML file is what set those unusually large offsets for the text, and that's why they don't fit in the title frame and therefore overlap the music. Solution is to either reset those offsets and the other non-standard formatting (eg, composer is set to top rather than baseline alignment) or just expand the title frame to accommodate it all.

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Apologies for omitting xml file from original post - the instructions on how to submit a bug reprot did not make it clear to a first-time poster exactly what was expected as it only listed a MuseScore file tobe uploaded.
In addition to the xml file, I am attaching a screenshot showing that Finale Notepad can interpret the xml correctly and I repeat that MuseScore also imported a similar file correctly until I upgraded to 3.6

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Title Staves overlated on text for XML Imports MusicXML: credit-words text can overlay staves

Indeed, the MusicXML does contain all sorts of offsets for these texts. Unfortunately I don't think MusicXML provides a way to specify how these texts are meant to be positioned relative to the music, my understanding is it is very limited for how it handles text like this. But I'm sure Leon could say better.

A few quick experiments show the issue is present in 3.6 when option "Enable Auto-Size" is set for the vertical frame with the title on page. This fixes the frame vertical size to a small / incorrect value. When auto size is unset, the vertical frame resizes to the correct size. This suggests MuseScore is sometimes (?) confused about the vertical frame's vertical size.

I do not yet know what causes this behaviour.

Importing the MusicXML file in 3.5.1 leads to a correct result. Saving in .mscz format and importing that in 3.6.0 results in correct display, with auto size unset. When setting auto size in 3.6.0, the problem appears.

Finally, yes, MusicXML can specify the text and staff positions and typically does that. Compiling that information into MuseScore's data structures is not always trivial.

I think the autosize doesn't understand offsets, it looks at content of the text itself only. Probably scores imported from MusicXML should turn this option off if you're already trying to calculate a reasonable size, which it looks like is the case.