An easy way "out"?

• Oct 17, 2021 - 16:40

See the attached example:
In a score: is there a simple way to change Musescore's notation from bar 1 to bar 2 without going through "chord offsets" again and again.....

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Seems the suggestions all imply selecting notes and do "whatever": change notehead, make invisible, offset chords etc. etc.
What about a "style"-setting do achieve this "without effort"? Or a plugin....?

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A plugin could be written to automate marking the shorter note invisible, though I doubt it'll be faster to write a plugin than it is to use the keyboard to go through the score and apply this.

Click first note, 'V', right arrow keys, 'V', right arrow keys, ... rinse and repeat.

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Hmm, but if the plugin also set one of the two unison notes to silent so you don't get weird phasing effects in playback, that could make it worthwhile! Such a plugin would need to look for unisons not just between voices on a single staff, but also between staves. But since there is little distinction between voices and staves internally, maybe it's not so strange.

Anyhow, it's pretty trivial to press V immediately after entering the note, so in most cases, I don't see a plugin helping here at all. But if you've inherited a score created without this having been done - and to be clear, it's not more "correct" to do this than to stick with the default, it's an editor's choice as to which to use, and outside the world of guitar and sometimes piano, the default is the more common choice - then a plugin could be nice to clean it up.

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Thanks for feedback. Always appreciated.
Not quite sure, but I believe xml-import also can create “situations’ like this. If the case, then a general ‘clean up-helper’ would perhaps be relevant. But it’s not a big issue (to me). The (manual!) ‘invisible-trick’ does the job.
Kind regards🙂

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