Performance problems. How to solve it?

• Dec 30, 2021 - 00:33
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1) Crescendo in first bar (oboe) doesn't work, I tried to fix it many times.
2) Roll during playback - I can't turn it off. Anytime it's still there.
3) In oboe section in the middle of the song if there is half note or half note with dot it's playing like 6 or 8 eight notes. When oboe is playing alone there is no problem, only with all of the instruments.
4) The voice - In many time it's not in time. These "aachs" are stil late . Voice is not playing in the same time like the others instruments.

Please look closely to this, because it's problematic.

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  1. Oboe does not use an "expr." sound → no single note dynamics and as such by design, not a bug at all.
  2. What exactly do you mean? Tre tremolo on Tanbourine in measure 51? The Arpeggios (strumming) on Guitar? The screen scolling during playback?
  3. Where exactly? It is a 17 pages score, in the middle of the song is by far not excact enough a description. Starting page 14, measure 50 the half notes do play as such.
  4. Again, it is not clear where and what exactly the issue is

For instruments like oboe that do support single note dynamics, you need to use the "expr" version of the sound to get them to actually work. This happens automatically when adding an actual oboe instrument, at least nornalky, So it's not clear why that didn't happen here. Was there something unusual about the way you selected the oboe instrument for this score?

For the rest, best to ask on the support forum and give more information to allow people to understand and assist better.

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1) Solved, thanks
2) Just disappeared now, but screen was scrolling all time even when I turned it off.
3) From 44 measure to the end, now there are quarter-notes, earlier was half notes. The oboe took the rhythm from the other instruments...
I have .mp3 file with this song and there it is.
4) Measure 21, 24, 45, 49, 54, 58.

As explained, to get assistance with using MuseScore, please aks on the Support forum and give precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem you are perceiving. Eg, "go to measure 41, use the Mixer to solo the oboe part, press play, listen the the result" or whatever. There are lots of people there with expertise who can assist. The issue tracker here is posting confirmed bugs and is seen by only a few people.

As it is, my best guess is you are simply being confused by the rate of attack and/or vibrato in the samples. But when you post to the support forum and explain in more detail what you are perceiving, someone may be able to assist better.