Chord input in Musescore 4.nightly build behaving strangely

• Sep 3, 2022 - 14:35
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1) Open Musescore 4 portable nightly on Linux (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS)
2) Open a score, or create a new one
3) Select a note or rest with the mouse
4) Enter CTRL-K to add a chord symbol above the stave
5) Type the chord symbol
6) Press TAB to move to next measure

At this point the program should parse the chord symbol and move to the start of the next measure.
Instead, initially, nothing appears to happen.
If SPACE is then pressed (which would normally move the chord input in to the next beat in the measure), a box appears saying "Workspaces. Create new workspace? and "Default" is selected".
I think that TAB is somehow moving the input focus to the "workspace" box at the bottom of the screen, and not acting to move chord input on to the next bar as it should do.
Thank you for reading :-)


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Indeed, for accessibility reasons, Tab is now reserved for its standard function of navigating the UI itself. Instead, use Ctrl+right (same shortcut as when navigating notes) to move from measure to measure.

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Hello again... sorry there has been a long delay. So, Ctrl-Right moves chord entry on to the next measure.

What moves chord entry on to the next beat (as [space] used to in Musescore 3), please?
I tried all combinations of shift-right, Alt-right, right, but nothing seems to work apart from exit chord entry and clicking on the next note.. which is very tedious :-)


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I'm sorry - I don't think it's a problem with controlling chord entry but formatting. The space does indeed move the entry point to the next beat, but the chord symbol is limited to a single character width (hence I thought it was not working). I will search on the forum and post a new bug/question if I can't resolve it.

No other chord symbol shortcuts have changed - space is still next beat or note; semicolon is still next beat, Ctrl+6 is still advanced by half note, etc.

No idea what you mean about chord symbol width; nothing has changed there either. If you have trouble, please ask for help ion the Development & Technology Preview forum so we can understand and assist. And then if there does turn out to be a bug, you can submit it to GitHub.

Some v3 topics have MS4 instructions included. Since the Help menu options in the software don't do anything, and help search doesn't guide you towards v4 topics, perhaps a new approach is needed.

No Handbook 3 page should mention anything about MuseScore 4, and as far as I can tell indeed does not.
If you find some, fix them, any logged in user can edit the handbook pages