Corrupt Musescore file

• Dec 11, 2022 - 16:21

I have a problem with this file, which worked fine until yesterday. After the latest changes (I added reverbs to the instruments) an error message "file corrupted" appears when opening. If I click on "ignore" the file opens normally and works, but even if I save a new copy it continues to give the same problem.

The local file corrupted the online version as well, but for that I fixed it with a backup file:

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You should not only click on "Ignore" but also on "Show details"!
Since I don't use Mu4, I had to cheat to be able to open this file at all.
There I found the following problem: Bar 491, staff 32 incomplete. Expected: 6/8; Found: 60/48

This is the piano staff - the bass line. I can not say what's wrong in detail. But if you delete the contents of the bass system in measure 491 and re-enter it then it should work. The pitch seems to belong to the treble system, so I would enter it there.
BTW: is it a good idea to create such a work with the beta version of a software?

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There are no notes in the bass piano part in 491. But there are several hidden rests. And, yes deleting the measure takes care of the problem. It is possible that the real way to test something is to do something that matters. Otherwise you aren't pushing it. just playing around. Precautions must be taken, of course.

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As I wrote, I modified the *.mscx file from the mscz container to be able to read it with version 3.6.2. Whether version 3.6.2 then reads everything correctly, I do not know. At least not the text formatings.
When opening it, I then found the error message with the reference to bar 491, which is currently not retrievable in V4 (details button missing).
When I select the piano bass measure of 491, some notes are selected in the treble clef! Why they are there I don't know either, but they sound like they are written in the treble clef, although they belong to the bass clef. If you select the bass clef, delete these notes and save the file, you can open the score again without an error.

At least this way EdoardoVolpiKellermann can isolate and repair the problem at the right place.

Attached the score with 3.6.2, maybe it is only visible with this version.

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Festa orchestra Mu_3-6-2.mscz 458.61 KB

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