Edit notehead does not work

• Sep 20, 2014 - 10:34
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

I tried to edit a notehead (change colour or shape). When right-clicking on a notehead, a menu pops up: STAVE / BAR / NOTE --> Edit Element --> nothing happens.
Windows 7 64-bit

P.S.: How wonderful that musescore 2.0 is available, with just the improvements I need urgently right now! Thank you very much to all contributors. I have made a donation to support your valuable work.


To edit a notehead shape you can just click the notehead and double click a shape in the notehead palette.
For the color, go to Display -> Inspector, click a notehead (or ctrl + click several one) and then you can change the color in the inspector.

If you need more help, with MuseScore 2.0beta1 (it's a beta btw, not MuseScore 2.0), you can use the technology preview forum http://musescore.org/en/forum/687

I close this issue.

Thank you Iasonic,
this has helped me for now. I had not found the "Inspector" way to change note head types.
2.0 beta 1 works amazingly smooth and stable. However, are you sure that this issue should be closed? On Win 7 64bit a feature that is offered in a menu does not give any results; at present, it seems to be a (minor) bug. Even if there are other ways to get what I need - which is nice - it may still be desirable to get changes of note head types, colour etc. working through right-click in future versions of musescore 2.0, as it did in 1.3.
Thanks again for your help!

Edit Element *does* work as intended. It is not meant for making changes to the note head, but to put the element into "edit mode", in which you can *move* the element via the arrow keys. It's the same as double click.