no UI option to reset shouldAskSaveLocationType, thus unable to save locally

• Jan 23, 2023 - 21:18
Reported version
S4 - Minor
GitHub issue
  1. create a new score
  2. click "save"
  3. check "Don't show again"
  4. select "save to the Cloud"
    this sets two parameters in musescore4.ini :
  5. Log in or cancel the saving operation (doesn't matter for this issue)
  6. Now try to save the file locally - all "save" options point to the cloud and ask for cloud credentials, there is no way to local storage any more.

After confirming local storage in step 4 above you always have the explicit option "save to cloud", so no problem there.

Proposed solution options:
(a) add an option to preferences to ask again for preferred storage.
possible downside: preferences are only reloaded on application startup, you might lose changes on your current file
(b) swap the menu option "save to cloud" dynamically, i.e. make it "save to local disk" when lastUsedSaveLocationType is set to "2" (and access the local file system)


In the "Save to cloud" dialog, there is a button called "Save to computer"; that brings you back to the local dialog (and will show the local dialog on subsequent attempts to save). After going back to saving locally, you can go back again to saving to the cloud using File > Save to cloud.

The original design was that you can easily switch between "save to cloud" and "save to computer" using buttons in the save dialogs. But since the local dialog is created by the operating system, we can't put a "Save to cloud" button in the local save dialog. Maybe that is part of the reason that some users overlook the "Save to computer" button in the cloud dialog?
Or is it not clear what the "Save to computer" is meant to do?

Anyway, so in the current situation, everything is possible using the UI, you just need to figure out how ;-)

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Once you choose "Save to cloud", but you cancel the operation, every time you choose 'save as' or 'save to cloud', you are being asked to login to The 'save as' option is unusable.
There is no way you can stop this, except changing the ini file.
The 'save to cloud' dialog never shows up if you don't want a account or just don't want to login, so you cannot choose 'save to computer' anymore.