Copy and paste a file in two voices in another file, and with a minimum number of systems, causes a crash.

• Oct 7, 2014 - 06:56
S2 - Critical

Nigthlyt e4004d6 / Windows7

First reported about on the French forum:

1) Create with Nightly start score, a new File by filling the first three systems with quarter notes in Voice 1 and half notes in voice 2 -> Save

Example with file: Score with C-E.mscz

2) Reproduce the same process with an other file, but by filling the first three systems with quarter notes only one voice (Voice 1)> Save

Example with this file: Score with C-E.mscz

3) Reopen and copy-paste the content (three systems) of the File 1 in the File 2, so, from measure 13

4) Result: crash


- No crash if the file contains only one voice, Voice 1(or after deleted enterely the second voice, Notes and Rests, in the original file)

- No crash if you copy-paste only the first system. But crash occurs again if you copy-past the first system + one measure (the first of the second system) and more.

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As far as I can go back to my last backup Nightly (May 19), the reproduction of the question, and with exactly the same process (with new score for flûte), is absolutely identical.
So I would not be able to help more. :(

EDIT: And I think this is the same behavior with files created with 1.3. I tried yesterday, but I have to check two or three things to confirm or not.

I confirm. With files created in 1.3, same result.

Same crash also by copying the entire contents of the first file at 2 Voices in the second one, by using Ctrl + A -> Ctrl + C -> and then, in the second file: Ctrl + V

-First file, 2 voices (created in 1.3) : Mi-La en 1.3.mscz

- Second file (ditto): Do en 1.3.mscz

NB: A flute in two parts, I know it's rare, but it is for testing only!!

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Mi-La en 1.3.mscz 1.66 KB
Do en 1.3.mscz 1.59 KB

Hmm, I can't get it to crash on Ubuntu using any of these files. Let me make sure I understand:

1) open the file containing two voices (C-E or Mi-La)
2) open the file contain just one voice (G or Do)
3) select either the first 12 measures or the whole file from the two-voice file
4) copy
5) click measure 13 of one-voice file
6) paste

For me, no crash. I've tried a few other variations, like instead of trying to paste into measure 13, I tried pasting into measure 1, or measure 5, or measure 29. In all cases, it worked fine.

I confirm, absolutely. No doubt in my mind. With your steps (who were also mine in the description), the crash is permanent, either by selecting more than one system, or the entire document.

On the French forum, the first response of lasconic (on Mac, I think) was to say that it did not crash for him on the proposed files (POLO 1 and POLO 2):

So: Ubuntu and Mac: no crash, and Windows, crash? Curious, no, for a "simple" copy and paste operation?
Lasconic, and others, sur Mac and Ubuntu, (and Windows) can they testify their results on these files: (C-E or Mi-La) and (G or Do) ?

But for me, I have no manner of doubt. I tested a few Nighties and from files created from the 1.3, and the conclusion is the same: crash, as you can see in this screenshot.

crash copy.jpg

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To complete the previous message:

If you delete in the first file the Voices 2 et 3 (notes AND then rests): (select -> more -> same voice, same system -> Ctrl X)

and then copy the two first systems in the file 2: no crash

As indicate since the beginning, for me the number of voices is involved, and a minimum number of systems or measures.

one voice.jpg

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I just tried on Windows 7 and can't get it to crash there either. Also tried the "trois voix" file, still no crash.

Anything special about how you are doing the copy & paste? I can see from the screen shot you are click the *rest* in the measure you are pasting to, rather than than selecting the measure as a whole. I tried that, still no crash. I tried all the ways I can think of for doing the paste - Ctrl+V, Edit menu, right click menu. No crashes for me, unfortunately.

I've tested with MuseScore 2 Beta 1 (1efc609) on Windows 7 (VirtualBox) and I can always reproduce the crash with all files.

The bug is caused by line breaks (or page breaks) in measures where we paste content. I attach a simpler test file based on "test 1 trois voix.mscz":

  • Open the attached file.
  • Select the first two measures and do "Ctrl+C".
  • Select the third measure and do "Ctrl+V".

MuseScore crashes because there's a line break between measures 3 and 4 (and we try to paste two measures). Same problem if we put a page break instead of a line break.

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line-break.mscz 1.5 KB

I attach another test file simpler than the one in my previous comment. You'll see that all we need to reproduce the crash is one measure containing two voices (no notes needed, it can be a whole rest for voice 1 and another whole rest for voice 2).

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line-break-test-2.mscz 1.38 KB

Ok, I think it is not really useful to new tests now. It was a false alert.

Explanation: the files were created in various Nightlies, recent or not. But these files were saved! So, when I done double-click on the files, they were reopened "automatically" by 2.0 Beta1, dated August 26.

I have come to understand that we should reopen the files by Nigthlies themselves.

And to find that the problem has been fixed on September 6, probably here:…

I can not find the issue number # 32356 in the list of fixed issues. No matter. The issue is resolved, it is the main, and we can move on. Rather a good new, right?!

So, we can closed this issue.