Breath marks import incorrectly from 1.x files

• Oct 7, 2014 - 17:08
S4 - Minor

Load the original MuseScore demo file Bilder einer Austellung (made in 1.2 I think?) into MuseScore 2 beta

Link here:

If you compare the score with that stored online you will see that all the breath marks are a beat later in Musescore 2 beta than in 1.x

MuseScore 2.0 beta
Windows 8.1 pro desktop


same in 161dcb0, Windows 7
That short breath pause is at the original place though

dragging them into place shows another strangeness, if you do it for the non-top staff, you get kind of a ghost breath mark on top staff, if you drop it there, it shows correctly in the original staff.

It appears the version of the score uploaded to was actually saved with The breath mark in this score does not have a "tick" tag associated with it, and that seems to be the source of the problem. If I create a score with a breath mark from scratch in 1.3, it gets a "tick" tag and it loads into 2.0 just fine. If I manually remove the "tick" tag, 1.3 still loads it correctly, but 2.0 exhibits the same problem (breath mark appears one beat too late).

I was hoping to be able to say this was just a case of scores not being fully supported, which wouldn't bother me so much :-). However, if I take the version of Pictures and re-save it in 1.3, it still omits the "tick" tag. So clearly, 1.3 is capable of generating scores in which the breath marks do not have "tick" tags.

Investigating further...

Status (old) active patch (code needs review)

Here's a proposed fix:

This qorks in all cases I've tried - normal 2.0 scores, normal 1.3 scores, and the case of this older version of "Pictures", which may or may not have been possible to create from scratch in 1.3 as well.

I'm not confident that there aren't other cases I need to cover that either didn't work before and still don't work or else used to work but are now broken. I can see that if the tag for the breath mark occurs *before* the chord to which it is meant to apply, this will cause problem. But I don't think this would ever happen.