Incorrect font in an "8ve up" line after clearing text

• Dec 8, 2014 - 23:03
S4 - Minor

Incorrect font in an "8ve up" line after making changes:
0. Add an 8va line
1. remove text "8" (which was italic by default)
2. restore text "8" (by writing it back)
expected: "8" italic.
result: font is not italic. After changing font manually to make it italic, a "restore style" button removes italic.


Win7, 76d6063

Additional info:
In this scenario the problem occurs too:
0. Add 8va line
1. Remove text "8"
2. Press UNDO
result: An 8va line with "8" in regular font
expected: An 8va line the same as before removing "8".

It seems once text has been removed from the ottava, when you add it back it is added as the generic Text Line style rather than the more specific Ottava style. For now, you can change it back to Ottava in the "..." dialog, but this does indeed look like a bug.

Although this is a relatively minor aspect of the issue, there more fundamental problem is inconsistency in how text styles are treated for text lines. I need to clean this up in order to implement a new Pedal text style, so this should get fixed for free.