Missing ledger line?

• Jan 20, 2010 - 14:18
S4 - Minor

Enter the following chord as whole notes (with G clef)
F (first interline)
F (one octave up, last line)
A (just on top)

Actual result : There is no ledger line for the A
Expected result: A ledget line for the A (?)


Are you sure there is no ledger line? Whole note heads are wider than normal notes and the ledger line lenght is not adapted so they are less visible.

For me the ledger line is there (you can see it in the middle of the whole note) but it is not wide enough to extend past the sides of the whole note (r. 2636 nightly, Windows XP)

No, I'm sure there is no ledger line if I follow the steps I highlighted.
I forget to say that I use the keyboard only and so Shift + F and Shift + A
If I move one note, sometimes the ledger line appears.

Attached a screenshot.

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I can reproduce with Shift+letter (r.2634 nightly, Windows XP). It happens with note durations other than whole note as well. I wonder if it is related to this bug: #4025: Missing stems (0.9.6 regression).

Here are the steps that work for me

  1. Press E (Ctrl+Up if necessary to get to top space on treble clef)
  2. Press Up to move the note up to F. (It seems like some type of arrow movement up or down is required to reproduce the bug
  3. Press Shift+A to add the note above the staff

The A above the staff is missing its ledger line