Half measure voice exchange fails

• Feb 4, 2010 - 19:20
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OS X 10.6.2 - r.2674
Voice exchange (edit > voices > exchange voices x-y) fails when incomplete measure is selected
Different behaviour according to number selected measures:
1. Less than one measure is selected:
notes in complete measure and *all* following are changed when exchanging voices
2. Multiple measure selection ending with incomplete measure:
notes in last, partially selected measure are unchanged when exchanging voices
3. Multiple measure selection starting with incomplete measure:
all notes in first, partially selected measure are changed when exchanging voices


I select a feature to exchange the voice of single selected notes. Especially when editing drums new instruments will be added in their default voice, killing every part of already entered patterns that have the bad luck of having the same default voice. Preselection of another voice for new notes is not possible.
Formal question: should this be move to an own thread?

I just ran into this, and it's counterintuitive behavior. If I select a partial measure and move it from voice 1 to 2, I certainly don't expect notes that I haven't selected to be modified.

Support for moving voices for partial measures would really be helpful for me.

If this is the expected behavior, perhaps it could be documented a little better? Maybe another note under the "Exchange voices of notes" section of the Voices handbook section?

You can already mvoe individual notes to other voices if there is room in the destination - just click select the notes then press the appropriate voice button on the toolbar.

BTW, for drums, it should not generally be needed to move voices - if you wish a different voice assignment than the default, simply edit the drumset to change the default.

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Unfortunately, when importing from PDF, the voices get a terrible mess. To fix this mess, you have to use an explicit assignment of the voice to a separate note (as you described); but you also really need the function of exchanging voices on the selected range, not on the entire measure.