Musescore 2 Beta and Musescore Songbook

• Jan 21, 2015 - 23:58
S4 - Minor

can't open scores created with Musescore 2 beta into Musescore Songbook 1.7.1 on my iPad3. 'File Error'

Also can't open scores created with Musescore 2 Beta version using Musescore 1.3. I assume this one is down to new elements in the file from Musescore 2 Beta but not listed in the limitations.

I tried to go back to Musescore 1.3 because I missed using left and right arrow on the keyboards to adjust the position of lyrics. It seems that i have to use the mouse in Musescore 2 Beta. Please put the arrow keys function in lyrics back.


There is no MuseScore 2 yet, just experimental prerelease version (eg, beta and nightly builds). By the time there is a real MuseScore 2.0, Songbook will be updated to be able to open its files. But right now, it's still a bit of a moving target.

MuseScore 1.3 will not be able to open files created in 2.0 - far too much has changed. If you need to back-port a file, you can export to MusicXML and import into 1.3, although you will lsoe quite a buit of formatting in doing so.

Arrow keys work fine to move lyrics in MuseScore 2.0. You just have to not be currently editing them to do it. Arrow keys actually function much better in this respect in 2.0 - not only lyrics, but all text and indeed virtually all elements can be moved via arrow keys. ANd not just side to side, but up and down. You can also use the Inspector, which is extremely handy for moving multiple items at once and for repeating the same adjustment with different groups of elements.