Attempt to export or export parts to PDF causes crash.

• Feb 3, 2015 - 14:59
Reported version
S2 - Critical

Musescore 2.0 revision a925ae0
Parts created ok.
Attempt to then export to PDF causes popup "Musescore.exe has stopped working".


Load mscz and then try to export to PDF.
OS is Windows 7 Enterprise.

Tried exporting to PDF using XP Pro SP3 and it's fine.

doesn't crash for me, 7a68c4a, self-built, Windows 7 (Enterprise, 64bit)

a925ae0 is 2.0 Beta 2. Quite a few fixes have been made to that meanwhile, so try whether you can reproduce with the latest nightly build (well, the latest available one at least)

Thanks Marc & Jojo. Is there an installer produced for nightly builds & can you provide a link? If not, can you point me to details of how to obtain/generate a latest build. Thanks.

There is no "install" for the nightly builds; just downlaod the zip file and unpack, then run the executable from there. See the Downloads link at top menu on the right side of this page.

FWIW, I also had no crash with your file on Ubuntu. i tried all three of the following:

1) File / Export directly from the score
2) File / Export from the first part
3) File / Export Parts from the score

If you like, you can try to use the procedure described here:
i.e. launch the debug build of the link in that comment via the script (note: it will reset MuseScore 2.0 to factory settings, that is it will clean customized preferences), reproduce the crash and attach the log file here.
The MuseScore commit in the link is not the most recent version, but it is definitely more recent than beta2.

Thank you for your help.


Also, please provide *precise* step by step instructions to reproduce. I assume you start by going to File / Export with the score itself (not one of the parts) in view. Do you then accept the defaults, or do you navigate to a different folder, change filename, anything else? Anything unusual about the folder where you are saving? Are you overwriting an existing file? Etc.

Just tried the same procedure (using 2.0 Beta 2 rather than nightly) on another laptop running Win 7 Home. Same score. Exported to PDF without a problem..?
So it appears to be machine related.

The precise order that causes the problem on the original PC ...
Downloaded nightly build to user\Download folder and extracted to folder using 7-Zip.
Navigated to \bin folder.
Double clicked nightly.exe.
File > Open ... (navigate to mscz file and select)
- File loads without a problem. -
File > Export ... (on export dialog leave default filename, default \Scores folder and default PDF filetype)
Click Save ... Crash

No. It exports to PDF fine on the laptop with the Native Instruments app present, but not on the other PC that doesn't have Native Instruments. It appears to be a completely separate issue.