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• Mar 1, 2015 - 14:58

I'm using Ver 1.3 with Windows 7, on a Gateway NV53 laptop.

When I change a score from CONCERT PITCH to instrument pitch and then change BACK to CONCERT PITCH the key signatures change to something other than the concert key in the transposed instruments.
Examples at letter C and D.

Bill Todd

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Can you be more speciifc about which instruments you see problems with and what the problems are? I loaded your score into 1.3, went to letter C, and the key signatures make no sense to me. Concert pitch is on, but the key signatures don't match at all. If I turn concert pitch off then on again, they return to exactly the same incorrect state they started. So it seems to me the problem is already there in the score? Did you perhaps accidentally add the key signatures incorrectly - adding them as if they were transposed while in concert pitch mode?

In 2.0, adding a key signature automatically affects all staves, transposing them correctly reagrdless of which mode you are in, so it should be harder to create problems like this.

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At letter C all instruments should be in the original concert key of C but after having switched the original score out of "Concert Pitch" and then back to "Concert Pitch" the key signature for the trumpets, Tenor Saxes, and Clarinet have been changed from Concert C to the key of E(4#s) and the Alto Sax and Bari Sax are changed to the key of Gb (6bs). The trombones, piano, guitar and bass are not affected. In the Concert Pitch, all the instruments should have returned to the key of C. The problem IS already in the file that I sent to you but I started work in CONCERT PITCH. The problem occurred when I first turned off CONCERT PITCH and then returned to CONCERT PITCH.

This has occurred often in other scores as well and my only work-around is to manually change the key signatures when I return to CONCERT PITCH.


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OK. Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do about a score that is *already* incorrect, except suggest you correct the score (by adding the right key signatures) and move on. I have personally never seen this before, although one or two other people have reported something similar - I thought maybe only on Mac? As far as we know, any issues like this have already been fixed for 2.0.

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