Website links and things that need to be updated

• Mar 26, 2015 - 01:05
S4 - Minor

The footer for includes a couple of links labeled "Handbook" and "Tour". The first is a link is to the old Handbook, and the second—

Well, here it gets confusing.

See, is a perfectly good introduction to MuseScore, that simply doesn't include any information about the major features introduced in MuseScore 2.0.

Meanwhile, there's a big link on the main page (just above the Download button) to "Take a tour" that used to point to the same page, but now points to

Meanwhile, the second link below the Download button, "What's new in MuseScore 2.0," points to the same page. (Yesterday, that link pointed to, "Release notes for MuseScore 2.0," which was in line with how a few days ago it pointed to the release notes for MuseScore 1.3.)

On a separate note, the description of the Technology Preview forum at has a link issue of its own.

And finally, the video embedded on the home page is still labeled "Getting Started," rather than something like—I hate to say it again—"What's new in MuseScore 2.0," or the actual title of the video, "MuseScore 2.0 Preview."


I might add—I think that after downloading, there should be a redirect to "What's new in MuseScore 2" or the "MuseScore 2.0 preview' should be embedded.

Since nobody seems to have noticed this, I'm temporarily upgrading the priority to critical, which I realize is bad form, but this should have been taken care of already.

Thx for the post Zack. All issues are fixed. I'll keep this open since I have a few more things to do:

* open the handbook for translations
* provide handbook pdf download
* point handbook/... links to the new handbook
* hide 1.3 handbook pages from search
* create a support page featuring all the support resources
* put use case pages in place which should replace the tour
* on all non english site, prominently invite people to help with the translations

That's it for now :)

Great, thanks! Except you might have missed the very first thing I mentioned before it "gets confusing"—the Handbook link in the footer links to the old Handbook. I'm absolutely delighted with George Hess's new videos, though. Excellent!

EDIT: Actually, there's a couple of places in the videos where George Hess says something like "the shortcut is this on Mac, that on Windows." Period. There's something wrong with that, isn't there? If Dr. Hess sees this…

Right, though it doesn't flip to a new image—it simply starts playing the real video. Also, it's not a play button. Clicking anywhere on the image loads the video.