8va with Bravura or Gonville not read correctly

• Mar 27, 2015 - 17:30
S4 - Minor

When applying Gonville style to the score - all is well with octave (8, 15, etc.) symbols. When saving, closing and opening it again - I have FreeSerif on "8, 15, etc." instead of "-sym-ottava-/sym"


Seems to happen for Bravura as well. Somehow I think the code that tries to check to see if the glyph exists or not is getting confused. Seems I looked at another bug having to do with this not so long ago, but can't remember the details. Note to self, or whomever looks at this bug: see #41081: Incorrect font in an "8ve up" line after clearing text and #40566: Vertical alignment of pedal text to line too low. Maybe I broke this when fixing those, maybe it was broken already and I missed a case when fixing those.