Landscape printing issue

• Apr 28, 2015 - 14:43
Reported version
S3 - Major

When trying to print a score that has been set to landscape layout to any printer, a "Wrong Paper Size" warning pops up on the printer OR the printed page is showing only part of the score shifted way to the right, or both. Three printer options tested: A Brother MFC-J6510DW; a Kyocera-Mita; and Nitro-PDF printer emulator. Same issue on all three.


You have changed both the page size in MuseScore *and* the paper size in your printer driver (eg, in the print properties dialog)? Can you post the score you are having problems with and precise step by step instructions - including the settings you make in the print properties dialog - to reproduce the problem?

BTW, the "assigned' field is to name the person who will *fix* the issue, so unless you are volunteering, I have unassigned you.

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Using Win 7 and Universal driver for HP Laserjet...

Still happened in 2.0.3 -- a landscape score would not set the printer to be landscape and printed only the left-hand half of each page.

However, it appears to be fixed in v2.1 (September 2017). The printer options dialog correctly matches the score orientation and does not need to be explicitly set.