Sound Problem - similar

• May 9, 2015 - 21:05
S4 - Minor

MuseScore 2.0.1 build b25f81d
Mac OS 10.10.3
MacBook, late 2009

I submitted this report a long time ago. The thread became too complex, it's no longer active. The problem remains. This is the very-short version of the previous thread. I've made extensive attempts to replicate it and to develop workarounds. It's still not clear whether it's a MuseScore bug or whether there's something wrong with my machine.

When the machine goes to sleep with MuseScore open, usually, but not always, the problem occurs. MuseScore awakens with a sharp "pop" through the speakers and the sound won't play. Otherwise, MuseScore works normally. Under view:synthesizer, the visual display looks like sound is playing. The problem also occurs under other circumstances. Sometimes MuseScore opens with a sharp pop, and sometimes it happens at apparently random times when I am using MuseScore.i

It's a serious inconvenience. If I am careful not to put the machine to sleep when MuseScore is in use, it occurs about a third of the time on launch, and about once every twenty minutes when MuseScore is in use.

When this occurs, my other applications also won't play sound. Quitting MuseScore does not solve the problem. At this point, other applications that normally play sound make a sharp pop instead of playing sound. If I click on system sound effects, they also pop instead of playing, or play faintly with a pop.

Rebooting the machine usually solves the problem. Sometimes the problem resolves itself spontaneously. Spontaneous resolution is more likely to happen when MuseScore has been closed. This machine is constantly in use with a wide variety of applications and is perfectly stable in every other respect. I've never seen any other application cause this problem. The problem has persisted through all versions of MuseSccore 2.0, starting with beta. It never happened with 1.3.

The basic question is -- Does this happen on your machine, particularly Mac OS, when MuseScore is open, you put the machine to sleep, and then wake it up again? If so, it's probably a MuseScore bug. In that case, on what problems. If not, there's probably something wrong with my machine.


Hi Marc,

I feel I made the other thread much too complicated. Not many readers will want to dig through all the details. We could reference the other thread, if anyone wants to read it. It's Issues › #38721.

This thread will get some new looks. If no one else has a similar issue, the problem probably lies in my machine. In that case, I hope to find a Mac OS geek who will tell me how to troubleshoot or fix my machine.

Marc, I don't mind deleting the new thread if you think that's best.

Is the original thread posted in the wrong place, also? If so, can you move this thread the correct forum?

I'm hoping to hear from someone who understands the Mac OS. I'm guessing it's a problem specific to Mac OS, and maybe even to MacBooks.

BTW, I still can't get on the forum with Safari. Chrome works.


The original report is here in the tracker, which is fine for reporting a problem to developers. But for gathering information and discussion, the Support Forum is best. So you start a new discussion there, and include a link to the issue.

Title Sound Problem Sound Problem - similar

I have a similar problem, but my other applications seem to be able to play sound, but my Musescore has no audible playback. My synthesizer, mixer, and play panel all seem normal. It plays a sound when i click a note for the pitch preview, but not when i play the score.

- and yes, it happens when my system sleeps with musescore open, but mine doesn't seem to stop. I t hasn't played back since i left it open a couple weeks ago, shortly after the 2.0 releas

This issue is closed; please, if you are having a problem, ask in the Support forum, and attach the specific score you are having problems with. Also say what OS, what I/O settings you have in Edit / Preferences, what soundfont in View / Synthesizer. Also say if you've tried simply reboot (and if you haven't, do!)