Transposition when creating a score from a template

• Aug 2, 2010 - 21:45
S4 - Minor

Dear Sir/Madam

I found a bug with the score tranpositions:

The transpositions in the transposed scores are wrong.


A trumpet in B Flat in a score in D (concert pitch), will appear as having a keysignature of C when it should be E.

A horn in F in a score in D (concert pitch), will appear as having a keysignature of G when it should be A.


Alan Cassar


Title TRANSPOSITIONS Transposition errors?
Status (old) active needs info

Could you give exact steps to reproduce the bug?
I tried the following

  1. Open MuseScore
  2. Create a new score
  3. Create score from scratch, Next
  4. Select Bb trumpet and English horn, Next
  5. Select D major (2 sharps)
  6. Press finish

I got a score with a trumpet with 4 sharps (EMajor) and a horn with 3 sharps (A Major). So it looks correct

Title Transposition errors? Transposition errors: more detail

The transposition problem is encountered when one uses the templates.

Title Transposition errors: more detail Transposition errors

Could you give the exact steps to reproduce it? As done by lasconic (step 1 to 6). So which template etc.

Title Transposition errors Transposition when creating a score from a template
Status (old) needs info active

Indeed. Using the Concert Band template I can reproduce.

I changed the templates in r. 3513 (branch and trunk) so that they are in concert pitch. This means that the key signatures are correct for new scores created from the Concert Band and Chamber Orchestra templates.

However, it is not so much a fix as a workaround. User created templates will need to be saved in concert pitch, and concert pitch for new scores is inconsistent with the behavior of scores created from scratch. I'm leaving the status as active but priority as minor.

It's not even really a workaround,. It's still the case that when you hit the Concert Pitch button to transpose a score created from template, key signatures don't always(*) transpose. I don't think this is any more "critical" than any other bug, but nor does it seem any more "minor", so I'm marking it "normal".

(*) In 1.0, the score transposes *if* the original key was anything but C. In 2.0, it never transposes.

Agreed. I suspect most people would tend to enter. Usic that way, and of course, a fair number of people don't understand transposition and wouldn't even think to check to see which way it was set before entering notes. i think a recent thread in the forum regarding a baritone sax part is a case in point. The few people comfortable entering notes for a score at written pitch know full well what they are doing and would be more likely to check the status of the button before starting (or notice that the key signatures for the transposed instuments are still in concert key).