REGRESSION: Slurs in tab staff with stems are badly centered

• Jul 26, 2015 - 19:52
S4 - Minor

MuseScore 2.0.2 / Windows 7

For description, see the end of comment #15, and next, of this thread: #69846: Ties and slurs have a mirror effect by entering two voices in Tab/standard linked staves
For this result:
slurs common tab.jpg

- I see a change there is a year on July 23 or end July 22, 2014.
Before (perfectly centered), with this Nightly: 6e0c119

22 juillet.gif

After, with this one: 04d2ec7
23 juillet.jpg

I don't know very well where is the cause.
Maybe here?
Or in other "style"? :…


Great job, I think you've found it with your first guess :-). Miwarre: I'm happy for you to look at this, but it looks I broke it, so I don't mind fixing it either.

@Marc Sabatella: maybe it is the occasion for me to regain some familiarity with this part of the code which I am not looking at since long...

Status (old) active patch (ready to commit)

Pull Request with fix pushed to github:

I tested all the combinations of slurs with stems below, above or none with multiple voices or not and it seems to be correct. "Real life" is always more complex than lab tests, though, and that code section is rather critical. So, the more eyes the better!


My understanding of the code remaining approximate, I wanted to know if this PR reiterates by fixing the previous behavior, ie with the slurs "stem-side", or is it introduces a new display, ie with slurs "note head-side", as explained and illustrated by images in the comment # 25 of this thread:

The PR takes to the letter the issue described here, so it "just" centres correctly the slurs horizontally, without moving them vertically.

The point about note-head-side vs. stem-side vertical position did not reach a definite status in the thread you quote. It may be the subject of a new specific request, though.