Repeat barline colliding with notes

• Oct 14, 2010 - 22:30
S4 - Minor

In the attached example, the repeat barline in measure 8 (highlighted in red) is touching notes following it. It would be desirable in the default spacing/layout to have more space between this barline and the following notes. Related to this is a question: is it possible to move the position of a single barline (you might be able to guess which one I want to move...)?

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I was wondering why the repeats weren't being followed :-)

However, this causes another problem which I was trying to avoid in the sneaky way that I added the repeat barline in the middle of measure 8. In your counter-example, the number of the measures is off by one (the last system is starting with measure 12 in your example, but that is supposed to be measure 11).


Once artificially-intelligent manuals are invented, I will be all set. Until then you are working out well :-)